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About Alan

As a print and television writer, I've majored in silliness for more than 30 years. During that time, I've written for a whole bunch of Emmy-nominated TV shows (five years worth of parody songs and other funny stuff for The Rosie O’Donnell Show), animated series like Pinkalicious, Taz-Mania, Disney’s Raw Toonage and Goof Troop, several editions of the Grammy Awards and Tony Awards, Kids Are People Too, a slew of Nickelodeon projects including Whoopi’s Littleburg, network specials, game shows, articles for publications including the New York Times and the New York Daily News, and I've created hundreds of comic books, trading cards, web videos, and other special projects for kids and their parents.


But my proudest achievement is the brilliance of Simone, Andrew, Nathan, and David, the children my wonderful wife Rose and I “co-authored.” They have taken me to new heights of silliness, and they are the reason I'm a happy man.

That's me!

Favorite food: Cantaloupe

Favorite team: New York Mets

Favorite activity: Watching the New York Mets while eating cantaloupe

My Books

Take Me Out of the Bathtub was released in 2001. Since then, I've written eight more Silly Dilly songbooks (all illustrated by the spectacular David Catrow), plus poetry books, early readers, board books, picture books, and more.


Hope you've had the chance to take a lookthe two books in the MUSTACHE series: The Day the Mustache Took Over and The Day the Mustache Came Back. They’re both based on the exploits of my real-life twins Nathan and David, who were singlehandedly (well, doublehandedly) responsible for a ton of babysitters and nannies leaving the Katz household.

The books have received considerable praise, and happily, some of my favorite authors and illustrators had extremely nice things to say about them:

"If you want to read a roller coaster ride of a book filled with humor, mystery, international espionage, meatloaf, and a miniature hyena, then you absolutely MUST read The Day The Mustache Took Over. This is Alan Katz's brilliant brand of comedy at its best."
―Nick Bruel, bestselling author of the Bad Kitty books on The Day the Mustache Took Over
"There's a laugh on every page, no, every sentence. It makes your head spin. And we all know how painful that can be. I loved it."
―Dan Gutman, bestselling author of the My Weird School and My Weirder School series on The Day the Mustache Took Over
"I laughed my head off. Which reminds me: has anyone seen my head?"
―Tommy Greenwald, author of the Charlie Joe Jackson series  
"Stuffed with rapid-fire comedy, Alan Katz’s uproarious new novel will twist your brain until you scream. If The Cat in the Hat and Mary Poppins had a child, this crazy book would be it!"
―Tony Abbott, author of Goofballs and The Postcard  

School Visits

A lot of kids, teachers, librarians and parents ask if I can come to their schools and share the joys of reading and writing...and sing...and talk about being creative...and discuss how books are made...and inspire everyone to get busy reading and writing and writing and reading! And reading. And writing.


And the answer is…YES I CAN!


I’ve visited some incredible schools, libraries and book conferences across the country and I would be glad to visit yours!


(Hi to my friends in Alabama, Iowa, Indiana, California, Seattle, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, New York, Montana, New Jersey, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Georgia and Arizona!)


I've got availability in pretty much every month of this school year, and school visits are surprisingly easy to set up!


Write to me about that…or about anything you’d like to share…at alankatzbooks@aol.com.


I hope to hear from you soon!


Oh, wowie wow wow! Look what's now available!


AWESOME ACHIEVERS IN SCIENCE, and AWESOME ACHIEVERS IN TECHNOLOGY...two informative and hilarious books, from Running Press!



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