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Noah the classroom ferret wants to take over the world... and only a teacher from the Society of Substitutes (and her son and his friend) can save the day!

Illustrated by 
the great Alex Lopez!

Look! New books! New Books! New books!


Book 1

What's a GLOP CLOP PLOP? And just what happens in Santa's toy workshop? Find out in this first book in a brand new series! Publishers Weekly said "Katz’s sweet series opener encourages out-of-the-box thinking, reassuring young readers that “you are each a winner every time you create something.”

Andy and his elf pal are back for more fun...this time including a pretty magical visit to Reindeer Ranch!

Book 2

Illustrated by the extraordinary Alex Willan!

When Grandpa Max playfully tells Becky that he's got her nose, she laughs.

But after he leaves, she realizes that, uh oh, he actually does have her nose!

The riotous chase around town is on!

Books 4 & 5
now in stores!
Misty Book 2 Cover copy.jpg


There's a surprise party happening at the North Pole. But that surprise party is far more surprising than anyone could have imagined!

I'm absolutely thrilled to share this picture book--first in a series--written with the wonderful Dylan Dreyer, Today Show host and meteorologist. Gorgeously illustrated by Rosie Butcher!

It's a book about feelings and fun (with a great dose of science)! 

Come along and see how Misty and her friend Raye learn that compromise can be a beautiful thing!

Book 3
About Alan

About Alan

As a print and television writer, I've majored in silliness for more than 30 years. During that time, I've written for a whole bunch of Emmy-nominated TV shows (five years worth of parody songs and other funny stuff for The Rosie O’Donnell Show), animated series like Pinkalicious, Taz-Mania, Disney’s Raw Toonage and Goof Troop, several editions of the Grammy Awards and Tony Awards, Kids Are People Too, a slew of Nickelodeon projects including Whoopi’s Littleburg, network specials, game shows, articles for publications including the New York Times and the New York Daily News, and I've created hundreds of comic books, trading cards, web videos, and other special projects for kids and their parents.


But my proudest achievement is the brilliance of Simone, Andrew, Nathan, and David, the children my wonderful wife Rose and I “co-authored.” They have taken me to new heights of silliness, and they are the reason I'm a happy man.

That's me!


Favorite food: Cantaloupe

Favorite team: New York Mets

Favorite activity: Watching the New York Mets while eating cantaloupe

My Books

Take Me Out of the Bathtub was released in 2001. Since then, I've written eight more Silly Dilly songbooks (all illustrated by David Catrow), plus poetry books, early readers, board books, picture books, and more.


My brand new books ARE NOW AVAILABLE! They're the first three titles in the Lieographies series. They’re the absolutely untrue, totally made up, 100% fake life stories of the world’s greatest heroes: Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, and Thomas Edison.


Each hilarious book details exactly what didn’t happen to each of these great heroes. They're designed to make kids laugh, laugh, laugh…and then they can go find out what did happen. In fact, each book ends with some actual biographical pages to give them a head start to learning!


I hope you’ll get a chance to check out these uniquely different, truly funny books--featuring awesome illustrations by Tracy Hill.


Click on each book cover for more info

The books have received considerable praise, and happily, some wonderful people:

“Alan Katz’s Lieographies series is sure to provide a lot of laughs for young readers. The books will also introduce them to some very important historical figures, while encouraging them to find out more. Reading, laughing, and learning—what’s better than that?”

― Marc Summers, Host and Executive Producer of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare"


Lieographies are the funniest books I’ve read since Dan Gutman’s My Weird School series.” 

― Dan Gutman

Alan's Books
Take Me Out of the Bathtub
The Day the Mustache Took Over
I'm Still Here in the Bathtub
Don't Say that Word!
Where Did They Hide My Presents?

School Visits

A lot of kids, teachers, librarians and parents ask if I can come to their schools and share the joys of reading and writing...and sing...and talk about being creative...and discuss how books are made...and inspire everyone to get busy reading and writing and writing and reading! And reading. And writing. And the answer is: yes I can.

With safety protocols in place, I'm ready and willing to visit your school. Or, let’s plan a virtual visit via Zoom or StreamYard. You’ll get my full multimedia presentation, and I’ll be glad to send you signed and personalized bookplates (if you want to sell books).

Write to me about setting up a visit…or about anything you’d like to share…at
I hope to hear from you soon.

And most of all, stay well! Be safe!


Ordering Books

Independent bookstores are the best, best, best, best place to buy my books. And if the store near you isn’t open at this time, give them a call. Chances are they’ll fill your order…and maybe even provide curbside delivery service!

Click below to find a nearby independent bookstore. 




Oh, wowie wow wow! Look what's here!



20 ridiculously funny short stories for kids who love to laugh!

Pick it up wherever you buy books! 


Site © 2023 by Alan Katz.

Cover art copyright by David Catrow, Edward Koren, Kris Easler,

Chris Judge, Tracy Hill, Alex Lopez, Dylan Dreyer, Sernur Isik, Alex Willan.

May not be reproduced without permission.  

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